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Job bij Camping Benelux

Club Benelux

(before Camping Benelux ) is a family - run campsite  founded in the early ‘50.

The campsite was one of the first campsites in the Belgium Ardennes.

In 1998 the campsite was sold to the Dewulf family from Koksijde living at the Belgian Westcoast.

They were active in the tourist business since 1992 with 2 campsites ‘Noordduinen and ‘Silico’

The family bought the campsites Grillon1, Grillon2, les Nymphes and other recreation grounds and added them to their Club.

Today the Club village takes 14ha and is a lot more then just a campsite.

Club Benelux
  • Filip Dewulf Club Benelux


  • Roos Sobry Club Benelux La Roche


  • Tom Dewulf Clubbenelux La Roche


  • Carole Dewulf Club Benelux La Roche


  • Pierre Schevers Chef Kok Club benelux Brasserie La Roche


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